Where do you ship from?
I am based in Maine, so all items ship from Maine USA~

Will any of the pin designs ever be restocked?
Most likely not, most of the time I like to move on with a new design rather than restock an older design. Some designs I'm very certain it won't be remade, those are marked "LIMITED EDITION".

What is the difference between Standard Grade and Seconds Grade for the pins?
Seconds grade have some more noticeable flaws. Standard Grade however does not mean flawless, I don't guarantee flawless pins because they are hand made in a factory and I understand that means each is unique and not without some flaw.


Can you combine orders?
If your order hasn't been shipped out, please send me an e-mail on the contact page asap with both your order numbers. Then I will try to combine them.

Can I cancel my order?
I don't offer cancellations/returns/exchanges. When you order, please know it is official. Cancelling takes time out of the day, when I could be packing orders or designing new products. If for some reason I agree to refund you, I will refund minus a $5 cancellation fee for cancelling your order. 


What is the sizing/fit on the hoodies like?
They are Asian sizing so they run small, I suggest looking at the size chart and measuring yourself to be sure it'll be a fit. I also recommend sizing up for comfort.

What is the sizing/fit on the T-shirts like?
Luckily my manufacturer just started making US/EUR sized t-shirts, these are very comparable to unisex US sizes. I do recommend looking at the size chart if you are not sure.

Do the clothes shrink in the wash/dryer?
I run my clothes in regular loads of laundry to test the durability and even in the very dry cycle on my dryer the clothing does not shrink.

Do the clothes color fade over time?
Due to the process of Dye Sublimation, where the ink is dyed into the fabric, it does not fade over time like some of the other processes. 

What is the material for the apparel? 
Everything is a polyester material or blend. Each clothing item however is unique and has a different feel. Hoodies are like athletic wear hoodies, with a very smooth, cool touch to the fabric. Sweatshirts are soft and slightly plush in the inside, while being smooth and cool to the touch on the outside. T-shirts are a soft stretchy material and doesn't feel smooth and cool like athletic wear.


What conventions will you be attending as an Artist? 
You can see which conventions I will be tabling at in my About page. I update it as soon as I've paid for the table and I'm confirmed to go.

Will you ever draw *insert character here*? 
I won't say never, feel free to suggest characters you'd be interested in buying as merch. Unless I'm a fan of the series, I don't usually make something for it.


I have a question not listed here?
Feel free to send me a message on my contact page, I try to get back to them within 1-2 days.