OP Day - Haori
OP Day - Haori
OP Day - Haori

OP Day - Haori

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These are discounted because some of the characters have been sewn in so parts of them are cropped out. It's still perfectly fine to wear, just not as awesome as planned~

Are you a One piece fan? MHWHAH SAY NO MORE FAM! This Haori is meant for you~ The front features silhouettes of Thousand Sunny and Going Merry, with the crew running on cloud like waves~ The back features the kanji for " Nakama" :D 

Made of a Chiffon material, it's a slightly textured feel and is light weight. This is more of a one size fits all item because it is loose fitting, the small is just less fabric for a less baggy look and the large is a slightly baggier look but both are just meant to drape comfortably and are not form fitting~

Size in the picture is a Large

The method of printing is Dye Sublimation on the fabric, because of this it's has an excellent saturation in colors. There may be one or two specs of color | such as red, blue or black | within the print, but nothing noticeable enough to find unappealing.

Care instructions

  • Machine wash - Gentle Cycle
  • Dryer - Delicate / Low heat 

Have any questions, feel free to message me I'll get back as soon as possible (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

| note: computer screen may show a different color than the actual product |

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